September 29, 2016


As you progress through the pictures of this post, you'll notice the lighting getting darker, and darker. The day that I left for China, the sunsets in Edmonton were still around 9 or 10PM, but arriving in China, it was getting dark around 7PM. Their sunsets definitely pale in comparison to the ones we have in Canada, in my opinion. The amount of smog really just dampens the beauty of nature in such a big city.





The picture above is probably one of my favourites from my entire trip because it makes this building look extremely slick. I love that it gradients off to the blue sky. Heading into this building, we took the elevator up to the 70th floor which was the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel. This is the second time that I came to this hotel and it was exactly as I remembered it, shiny tiles, extravagant sculpture, cool atmosphere, tall ceilings and a beautiful, elegant look.



Looking straight up, there is an open skylight! I hope to be able to see this lobby during the day just to see how the light filters through this window, how the shadows will be cast. In another corner of the lobby was a piano and cello duet playing soft, classical music. As a classical piano player, I thoroughly enjoyed this.




We headed into the bathroom to take a few photos of the night scene from the 70th floor. Patrons of the hotel can actually have access to the 100th floor of the building! I always love seeing a city at night, how it's lit up, what colours there are. At the end of the day, I was extremely exhausted but also very content with all the pictures that I was able to get.




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