July 28, 2016


1 | Emotional Maturity

I always love the articles that are on Darling Magazine as they provide a different quality to my usual blog feed of recipes, DIY, and photography. Although they do have beautiful photography, their articles, especially this one, leave me thinking about my own life and how I can improve myself.

2 | For the Record

I have always loved Jennifer Aniston even before I binge watched Friends two summers ago (I finished all 10 seasons in about 2 weeks). This article just made me love her even more. Throughout the past few years, I started questioning the desire to get married and have children. Growing up, it was always assumed that I would get married and have children, and that would be it. It would be weird NOT to do so. I think Jennifer presents a very important message in this article: "We are complete with or without a mate. We get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful when it comes to our bodies"

3 | Feminewbie


This is quite a long article to read, but I think it has an important message as well. I think that sometimes we don't know what to do when things like shootings happen, but it's still important to try and understand what is going on. This month has been so tragic and depressing, it has all been very heavy on the heart. But from instances like this, time and time again, we see people coming together with nothing but love.

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