July 17, 2016


Recently, my dad became interested in golfing and that is how my mom, him and I ended up at the Victoria Golf Club in Edmonton. The golf club itself was very beautiful, of course, with luscious green grass that stretched on and on. However, on our way there, I noticed a path for pedestrians along the North Saskatchewan River where my mom and I walked while my dad played golf.



We came across a small memorial bench and patio-like structure set up, onto which people can walk and admire the beauty that is our River Valley. Despite a few clouds in the sky, the weather was perfect for a walk, or running and biking as we saw many people do. There was just that slight breeze in the air at the exact moment where heat started to rise up to the surface of my skin, carrying it away.






Walking on this path, we took pictures, silent, as we admired the tranquility in the moments where there were no cars, admiring the beautiful flowers along the way, admiring the beauty of Edmonton.





One of the best parts about this walk was that we had no destination in mind, we were simply wandering, seeing where this path would lead us to. Eventually, we ended up a Government House Park, which, unbeknownst to us, has picnic tables and small barbeques set up. It's a perfect place to have small parties or hangouts with friends (which I am totally planning on doing). After eating, you can even take a walk along the River Valley to burn it off. 

It's almost a metaphor for life: sometimes we follow a path without a destination in mind, simply seeing where it can lead us; sometimes it is necessary to take control and put ourselves on a certain path, with a specific destination. Like with all things, I truly believe that a balance has to be achieved between the two. Simply following a path may lead to a place you don't want to be, but it is not always possible to control a situation simply because not everything in life is within our control. Just remember to spend time with the people you love, keep an open mind, and keep exploring!

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