July 24, 2016


Although it was all planned very last minute, I somehow managed to both get my travel visa and book my round trip flight to China. I actually have a lot of family members who live there and I am so excited to see everyone again, as well as capturing moments through my camera to share with everyone when I get back.

If you didn't know already, everything Google-related (Drive, Youtube, Blogger) is blocked in China, as well as Facebook, Instagram, and a lot more. I'm sure there may be moments where I can connect back to this online world, but for now, I might just take a month long break from blogging and come back with a punch once I'm back from vacation! Here are a few pictures from the last time I went:



Asides from that, this week is a very exciting week in Edmonton! First off, Friday was the Parade for the opening day of K-Days, which runs until the end of the month. Although I haven't been to K-Days in several years, I remember those days to always be exciting and full of fun, elephant ears, and mini sugar donuts. As well, the Taste of Edmonton kicked off, allowing people to get small sizes of foods offered by restaurants and food trucks alike. 

Coming up is the Edmonton Heritage Festival at Hawrelak Park, featuring all diverse cultures that are present. I think it is such a great opportunity for different cultures and ethnicities to come together and 

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