July 03, 2016

Sunday Snapshots | Commencing

Congratulations to all the Classes of 2016!
Continuing on from my last Sunday Snapshot... my commencement was on Monday of last week, followed by a graduation banquet that took place at Shaw Conference centre the day after. Almost a week later, it is still weird to sit down and not have any homework to do, to think that the past 13 years of my life led up to this single moment of walking across the stage, shaking the principal's hand and receiving my diploma. Most of all, however, is to look back on these past 13 years and reflect upon all the growth and progress that everyone has made both in their academics and their lives.


Our commencement was at the Citadel Theatre, a beautiful combination of modernism and also a building full of plants for graduates to take beautiful pictures. Having the banquet at the Shaw Conference centre was truly beautiful. We started the day taking pictures at City Hall where, unfortunately, it started to storm! After a few hours, the skies began to clear up as everyone arrived at the banquet hall. Our banquet hall had tall floor to ceiling windows overlooking the North Saskatchewan River, the Muttart Conservatory, and the River Valley of Edmonton.




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