March 31, 2016

Explore YEG | Fading Away of Winter


This time of year is probably one of the ugliest times ever, as the snow melts away, leaving huge puddles and creating piles of mud everywhere, revealing the dried, dead grass and empty tree branches for all to see, yet there is a certain beauty to it too. The transition from winter to spring gives rise to longer days, brighter mornings, later sunsets, and warmer weather. Although I am not the biggest fan of summer (it's too hot for me), the temperature during this time of year is manageable.



Taking a walk around the lake is extremely calming; standing, observing, listening to the sounds of nature, of birds, of the wind, and inevitably, of the cars, the train, and the airplane. Yet, just taking a moment to stand there in the stillness of it all leads to the realization that this is our world, where we eat, sleep, cry, laugh, where we grow up, where we live. All these elements coming together in one moment brings a certain beauty to all the chaos. 


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