February 28, 2016

Week 8 | My Happiness Project


53/365: I started reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, which is what inspired me to base this week's photos on things that bring me happiness! I'm actually thinking of continuing this throughout the rest of the month of March as well, a monthly theme!


54/365: Definitely not one of my best pictures as I had just woken up 5 minutes before I took it. I walked into the bathroom and the moon was just so bright and beautiful, casting a spot of light into the bathroom.


55/365: I got this pair of earrings in Italy almost 2 years ago and it's one of my favourite pairs just because of the hint of green within them. Thinking about Italy again brings back memories of walking down long stretches of narrow streets, old ruins amongst new buildings, cafes, big green pharmacy signs sticking out like an arm, all making me feel the need to return.


56/365: Yes, more earrings. BUT, I got a lot of these from my friend this past Christmas, and the box it is on is full of birthday cards I got over the past few years. I feel extremely grateful for the friends that I have, and through recent events, I've realized how comfortable I've gotten, how much I tr


57/365: I am grateful for this beautiful city of Edmonton that I live in. As much as people say that it is boring (albeit a lot of the things I find fun - cafe hopping - cost money) I keep finding aspects of the city that I really like. Edmonton is a growing city and I am excited to see where it heads (even with the economic downturn)


58/365: This cinnamon bun is self-explanatory. Go to SugarBowl in Edmonton if you haven't already, they have the best cinnamon buns EVER and they are the size of my hand.


59/365: Oranges are a happy fruit: the brightness, the freshness, the acidity cutting through, I love it.


60/365: I've said this before about waking up early, but it has been bringing me a lot of happiness. I'm not exactly sure if it's because I've been getting more sleep, but I feel a lot lighter and less stressed. Even this picture was taken half an hour after I woke up, on a SUNDAY MORNING. 

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