February 14, 2016

Week 6 | Lunar New Year

Although I had originally set out to try and take a picture involving Chinese New Year this week, it was a bit harder than I thought simply because my parents were busy working, and therefore, there wasn't a lot of "festivities" around the house! Also, many people do say Chinese New Year, but it's actually Lunar New Year as any culture that follows the Lunar calendar celebrates this day.

In China, they actually get around 2 weeks off from work and school to participate in all the celebrations as the Spring Festival is 15 days of celebration. The 7th day, for example, is "Everyone's Birthday" and there are even specific foods that can be made for each day. It's all quite superstitious in a way.

39/365: Trying to show off a shirt I bought at La Vie Lente a few weeks ago.
40/365: Ever since I was a kid, I remember getting red envelopes (yes, this one is pink) for Chinese New Years and then saving the money until I had enough to buy something that I wanted. Relatives also give these out during birthdays and Christmas simply because they "don't know what to buy for you"
41/365: We went out for dinner this day but I didn't bring my camera because of REASONS. Anyway, I came home from school early so I decided to make a variation of a Thai salad bowl for my mom and I.
42/365: Vietnamese Salad Rolls made by my aunt!
43/365: My mom cooking up a storm as usual, check out my Flickr to see the food she made that night!
44/365: A sweet card I received from Dickinsfield Amity House after volunteering with them for their annual Christmas Eve Breakfast.
45/365: A carnation that my school handed out to students for our Touch Of Class.

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