October 12, 2015

Book Review: Us by David Nicholls

Published by Harper on January 1, 2014

First of all, the setting! I thoroughly enjoyed being brought into the European atmosphere; I loved how it felt like I was back in Venice eating gelato, walking around for hours, and being shouted at by vendors selling fake bags. Finishing the book, my desires to backpack around Europe, or at least travel as much of Europe as I can, have become undeniable.

The story was extremely touching, an intricately woven narrative that flashes back between Douglas' present and past. It deals with an issue that many people struggle with: letting go. Throughout the book, we see as Douglas attempts to "fix" his family because to let that fall apart would seem like he has failed. I found myself somehow relating extremely well to Douglas' thoughts and feelings throughout the book while still being irritated and somewhat embarrassed at how much he tried to crack those Dad jokes. At the same time, I also found his son an extremely relatable character: an artsy son who just is tired of taking typical tourist pictures of his parents.

It has given me so much to think about despite the clear age gap between myself and the characters in this book. I feel as if the message of learning when to let go of something and not feel as if you have failed does not pertain only to marriages, but also to any other people or things we love and are passionate about.

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