April 16, 2014

A Compilation of the Books I Should Have Reviewed Months Ago

So here are a few reviews of books that I read a while ago but didn't get around to reviewing because I was too busy with school to even bother. I wrote a few things down about them, but they certainly stray from a perfect review. They'll be quick and short reviews though ;)


I really liked Lexi's rebellious and determined attitude and also how much she loved her family. It would have been nice to see a bit more involvement from her mother because I actually found that situation quite interesting. With Cole, he was the "mysterious" guy and a bit too ideally "prince-like" for my standards. As for the romance, which is quite obvious from the beginning, it was a typical paranormal relationship which means that it was extremely quick. 

Speaking of the obviousness, the whole plot was extremely predictable and nothing through me off. (BY THE WAY I WROTE THIS DOWN NOT KNOWING THAT THIS WAS SORT OF A FAIRY TALE-ISH BOOK WHICH I SOMEHOW FOUND OUT LATER) As you may have noticed, I read this during October so I found that it was a fitting book for Halloween.



The way the relationships were left off in Insurgent was one of the main reasons that I really wanted to read this book. Especially with Tobias & Tris, I sort of liked how they sorted out their problems throughout the book and how they were no longer just "petty problems". One character that I would have loved to seen more of was Amar because I found his relationship with Tobias to be quite interesting. (I don't remember why, it's been a while)

I feel that there was quite a bit of realism in the relationships, the reactions and especially the building up of tension throughout the book. Although I have to say, I'm not sure if I really agree with the ending of the book. It just seemed extremely unneeded in my opinion, but it's not like I can change anything now.


I absolutely loved this book, with it's perfectly crafted romance; Starting off with a really good beginning and really developing the relationship between Jacqueline and Lucas. Their individual development, and how complex their characters really pulled me in. Another character that I really enjoyed was Dr. Heller, and I honestly didn't realize how important he was in this story. I would have liked to have gotten to know the parents more, but it was understandable considering their relationship. Furthermore, the realism of the characters is shown by everyone trying to "keep face" and being afraid of telling the truth to others. 

It was a pretty explicit book compared to others I've read, but I liked the way "Easy" included lessons on self defence and also rape culture as well. There were so many other ideas that were very well incorporated into the book. I actually wish I had done this review earlier to get the real feelings out because I was so in love with it for quite a while. 


(I finished this during math class, it made me feel rebellious ;) )

This book was a difficult journey for me because of the narrative voice; it was so peculiar and it really peeved me with how it said "The Mothers, The Boys, The Girls". It just didn't seem to fit the character that well and at the same time, it made me not like the character as much either. The story itself was all right and I enjoyed it, but there wasn't a lot of plot, excitement, or thrill within it. 

With all that being said, I really liked the lesson behind this book; To cherish those who are close to you. From the beginning, it was obvious what was going to happen but I liked the way that the author steered me away from that and got me to focus on the story leading up to that point.