August 08, 2014

Road Trip: Boats and Night Market {Day 4}

There were so many people walking on the docks and buying the huge variety of seafood. Afterwards, we went shopping at Aberdeen Centre where I bought a few things! Of course, being in Richmond, we went to the huge night market that was full of people and lots of food!

Some sea urchins :)

The inside of a completely fresh sea urchin.

People at the night market frying octopus tentacles and such!


  1. I don't think I'm that adventurous with my seafood ... I've had octopus, but definitely not sea urchin!

    BTW, I'm just going through my blogs now and seeing your new design. I love it!! So pretty!

  2. I grew up with my parents letting me try different kinds of seafood, so I think it's easier for me to eat things that look odd.

    Thank you! :)


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