September 26, 2013

A Bookish Day Recap: September 14

Yes, I know I'm pretty much recapping this day 2 whole weeks later but I'm sort of adjusting to the whole "Wake up at 6AM, an hour of transit, school, and hour of transit, home at 5PM" thing. It's not the MOST tiring thing in the world, but I had trouble waking up at 7AM before high school. Anyways, onto the recap!

So I started out the day by taking the LRT/Metro to Churchill Square, where the Edmonton Public Library was having a HUGE book sale. This time, since it was being held outside, it attracted way more people than when they have the sale in the basement of the library. I was making my way into the crowd and some lady was coming out, she had a LOT of room but decided to shove me with her elbow. So yea, thanks for that!

There, I met up with Mandy, Elizabeth, and Tammy! We then went to check out the sale, sadly with no more YA books that we wanted. So we ventured off to the Wee Book Inn, where I bought Easy by Tammara Weber, and then it was off to the Book Launch! When the author first came out, the first thought on my mind was, "woah, this guy is tall." So the book launch was for The Dilettantes written by a local author here in Edmonton, Michael Hingston.

So there are more details of the book here. Overall, the book launch was very enjoyable and he was a very humorous person! I DIDN'T end up buying the book, (don't kill me Rick), just because I knew I would end up leaving it on my shelf and not reading it for another year. Or two. From the excerpts that Michael had read, I would think that it would be a really fun book to read. If you want to see a review of it, click here.

Inside those tents, it was CHAOS.


  1. Another Book BlogFri Oct 04, 04:15:00 pm

    Haha! I definitely wouldn't judge you for not buying the book. But I think you'd like it. Maybe after you're in college :) I think to really appreciate it, you should go through it first.

    Bummer you missed out on some of the great book sale books. Not surprised though. That place was CRAZY, especially the YA table. Madness. It was pretty annoying.

  2. Go through the experience of it first, HAHA.

    It was crazy, but I saw one of my teachers, LOL

  3. Crazy! I have never been to a library book sale before, but I could see how there might be huge crowds and chaos. Not that that accounts for an elbow in the side, which is completely unnecessary and rude! I'll have to try my luck at a library book sale sometime - hopefully there will be more in the way of YA to choose from. Seeing your pictures of downtown Edmonton makes me crazy homesick :( But I appreciate you sharing them anyways. I hope school is going well for you, Leanne!

  4. Hope to see you here soon, Eilidh! :) Thanks, school is going ok for me right now, probably a bit more stressful than I though it would be though! Hope everything is getting better for you, Eilidh! :)


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