July 25, 2013

Discussion: J.K. Rowling Writing Under a Pen Name

Okay, I'm pretty sure the world already knows about this and all but I wanted to try, TRY, to write a short discussion about it. I was reading the Metro papers that are handed out in my city and came across a "ROWLING OUTED AS 'NEW' WRITER". Being a huge fan of Harry Potter I was obviously immediately intrigued.

After summer school, I came home and searched up the book and found that it was a mystery book. Another thing that I found out was that just, what, TWO DAYS, after her secret came out, it became the TOP 50 BESTSELLERS ON-LINE AT CHAPTERS. Of course it should be dubious that anything else BUT would happen... I mean I most likely wouldn't have come across it!

I'm really not sure how I feel about it, for one thing it's awesome that she wrote another book but then again, I wish she could have stayed under that pen name of Robert Galbraith. I think it's great that she did it because she was able to write a book without all the pressure of being the person who wrote Harry Potter. I mean, that series changed lives and then look at how many people who didn't actually like The Casual Vacancy all that much. Being known as that person is such a stressful thing and I love that she decided to write a book under another name!

All of this happening really shows the extent of how many people will buy a book based on it's author! I'm actually hoping to get to read it some time, obviously now that I know about it. At this point, I'm just wondering whether or not I would have come across it at all had I not known that it was J.K. Rowling! I was looking for a good mystery, but I could have completely just passed right by it.

So how do you feel about it?

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