May 18, 2013

Sunday Update: Back to Blogging?

Sunday Update is where I inform you of the going on's of the blog and part of my life too I guess. 



Okay, so you may or may not have noticed that I haven't actually been blogging lately and that those reviews are from nearly a month ago. Confession: I haven't really been reading either. For the past couple of weeks, I've read 117 pages. Crazy, right? Well, part of why I kind of backed away from it all is explained here. There's more to it though.

I guess stepping away from the blogging and everything was partly out of laziness. Most of my time is spent on the computer and mostly on Youtube. It was kind of my way of relaxing after a school day + track practice. Additionally, I really just wanted to stop and take a look at everything, since I've been blogging for almost a year now. I'm kind of wondering where I want to be right now, because I'm always busy with my life and it seems as if I can't really keep up with blogging sometimes. It sucks because I really enjoy doing this, but once there are other things I have to worry about, blogging becomes a burden on me and I don't want it to. That's part of why I stepped back from everything as well.

Anyways, I'm coming back to it, I'm STILL reading A Game of Thrones but I'm hoping to finish it soon. I didn't even realize I was in a reading slump, but whatever. Have a great week! :D

P.S. Yes, I know it's not Sunday. I just wanted to post this today, don't ask.

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  1. Yea. Game of THrones is such a long book but I really like it too. It's pretty good! :) Scaling back definitely has given me more time to do other things (Watch Whose Line)


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