April 07, 2013

Sunday Update: Back to Blogging!!

Sunday Updates inform you, as my readers, of the going-on's of the blog and also a part of my life.


New Books

  • Flesh and Bone by Jonathan Maberry

Guest Posts

  • Lisa's Blog: Dream World
  • Evie's Blog: Men in YA - Favourite Male Authors

Outside the Blog

A lot has happened since I took a brief hiatus but I'll give you a BRIEF summary.

I didn't actually read a lot more than I usually would, but the break just took off the pressure of having to post regularly. This way, I would be ahead of myself and already have posts up for the next two weeks. Honestly, I don't expect this to last too long, but the break gave me more time to do things on Photoshop as you MIGHT be able to see.

During my Spring Break/March Break, I read two books that literally gave me SO MANY FEELS. That's the main reason I didn't read as much because I spent a day after each book moping around and literally doing NOTHING.

I started a new blog SOLELY for my photography just because there's a LOT of pictures I would love to post on here but it would just be way too much. So I decided to just do short posts on each set of photos over there instead of spamming people who might not want to read about them here.

This month, in addition to the Photo-A-Day project, I'm going to do a bit of filming throughout the month and put them all into a video. The original idea is here, but I just wanted to sort of do it all in my own way.

Anyways, I've got reviews scheduled for this week, sadly not for the next, but oh well! I hope you all have an awesome day, and happy reading! :)


  1. I took a little bit of a break too, but it was a 2 week slump lol. I'm glad you got a bit of a break too, and I'll be sure to check out your photography blog. Have a good week!

  2. It felt AWESOME to take a tiny break. Thanks, Kelsey! :)

  3. I feel so... relaxed now. Haha.


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