April 18, 2013

Review: Dust & Decay by Jonathan Maberry

Title Dust & Decay
Author Jonathan Maberry
Series Benny Imura #2 (#1: Rot & Ruin)
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Published August 30, 2011
Read March 29-30, 2013
Source School Library
Challenge 2013 Bingo Reading Challenge (Category: Series)

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Dust & Decay was a thrilling sequel to Rot & Ruin, and it made my heart pound and break at the same time. The deeper I got into the book, the more I found myself unable to stop at all.

First of all, this book had a whole lot more action involved than in Rot and Ruin. It was told from a few different perspectives and each one had their own problems that eventually led them together. Each PoV had action and I actually had to put down the book to just breathe a little before delving back in. It was definitely just page after page of action and problem solving for Benny, his brother, Nix, Chong, and Lilah.

A very important character that took on a stronger role in Dust & Decay was Chong, Benny’s best friend. At first, he was just the clumsy boy who wasn't ready to say good-bye to his best friend, and who would eventually return home. But as the book progressed, he did as well. I loved the relationship he had with Benny, and how they could always crack a joke around each other.

One thing that I am DYING to talk about but I can’t is the ending of this book. It was probably one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve read in a while (besides Clockwork Princess) and it had me just breaking down so much so that I couldn’t really breathe anymore. What I love is that people may go into this expecting “ZOMBIES, FLESH, BLOOD, GORY” but instead the get a lot more emotional stuff. That could be good/bad depending on who you are, but I tend to lean towards seeing the development of emotions and relationships. Oh and also, “relationships” includes ROMANCE, so all those people who weren’t sure, then yes, it’s there.

I HIGHLY recommend this series for anyone who is new to “zombies” because I think it’d be a pretty good start. Though I can’t say I’m an expert because this IS my first “zombie” book as well. If you’re wary about it, like I was, just give it a try and hopefully it’ll pay off!

A bit of fangirling: TOM! TOM! TOM! Oh god, he’s one SEXY BEAST. That sounded a bit creepy but he’s such a fierce hunter but under that, such a kind-hearted person who faces the truth when he needs to. I love him to pieces and I love the role he plays in Benny’s life, and also the way it changed.

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