November 03, 2012

Review: Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

Author: Twitter | Website | Goodreads

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 454
Series: Hush, Hush Saga #4
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Published: October 23, 2012
Source: Indigo Online


*Might want to look at the comments, Ambur managed to change my opinions a bit just by changing my perspectives (:

Why, Becca Fitzpatrick, WHY?! The series already went downhill with the publishing of Silence, and I was hoping that it would go uphill again. It just kind of... died out. Finale was probably the worst one out of the series; this is like the Halo series all over again.

There was literally, NO ROMANCE, at all between Nora and Patch -- it was crazy!! They were so damn cute together in the first few books, and in this one they're pretty much against each other the whole time. Actually, Nora was the one who was pretty much against everything Patch tried to do for her. I hated the way she just made assumptions about Dabria -- Patch's ex -- and didn't even trust Patch enough to know that he loved her. I hated how in the last book where they needed each other the most, Nora doesn't trust him.

Throughout Finale, I felt like a robot until the very end where they miraculously had feelings and emotions towards each other again.

Another thing I disliked, also mentioned in Rola's review, was the lack of clues. There were NO CLUES or hints that led up to a certain someone being a Nephilim. (refer to spoiler rant down below) Maybe it was a technique to keep us in the dark like Nora, to be as surprised as Nora was, but I was pretty darn pissed that I couldn't pick it up. Normally, I would have liked surprises, but honestly, please drop some hints for the reader to pick up.

Plus, the writing style kind of enraged me as well. I didn't notice it at first, but once I did, I couldn't stop noticing that most of the sentences were like five words and didn't even go in depth into anything. Just a plain sentence.

I think I only liked the ending and the parts where Scott showed up because he was the only one acting anything like a human. Yes, I know, they're not human, but that doesn't mean they can't have emotions like they did before. He was still the funny, chill guy he was in the books before and I hated that he didn't show up as much this time.

Truthfully, this series -- or saga as they call it now -- was one of my favourites and I hated how it turned out so horribly. I know a lot of people have different feelings about this, and even though I'm giving it 3/5, I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. And by the way, 60% isn't a good mark either for those people who think 3/5 is a decent rating.

One final note on this series: It was quite similar to Twilight, except I loved Twilight to the end.

Favourite Quote

Patch is awesome for saying this, I don't care that it's talking about fictional characters, it's pretty true for the real world too.

"...Strength doesn't always mean brute force. You don't have to kick ass to be a fighter. Violence doesn't equal strength. Lead your army by example. There's a better answer to all this. War isn't going to solve anything, but it will tear our two worlds apart, and there will be casualties, including humans. There's nothing heroic about this war. It will lead to a destruction unlike anything you or I have ever seen."

"And I am in love with you. Even when you're irrational, jealous and willful."

Spoiler Full Mini Rant

Honestly, when Patch was chained to hell, I didn't feel anything except for feeling bad that I didn't feel anything. It wasn't that I'm not in love with Patch, it's because that part wasn't written well. I only felt sad when Scott died because he was the only one I liked besides Patch. And then we find out Vee is Nephil, like WTF? Another part where I wasn't a robot was at the end where Nora is sitting in Patch's lap and they're just gushing over each other, it was too cute. But then she cuts her Nephil mark and suddenly Patch can feel things even though he's a fallen angle, and that just totally messed the moment up because nothing made sense.


  1. Just finished this one, Leanne, and I really enjoyed it. :) I liked Silence more, but I still liked this one. First, I don't think Becca just sprung the whole Nephilim reveal on us...she mentioned repeatedly that the one character was "tall"...all the time, and once you kind of looked for that kind of thing, it made sense. Plus, she was in her transformation, so she wasn't actually fully fledged as a Nephil for most of the just like it was a surprise to the character, it's meant to kind of surprise the reader I think.

    I do wish there had been more romance, but at the same time, if there had been lots you just know people would be complaining about how unrealistic it was for Patch and Nora to be fooling around with everything going on. :P

    And finally, I don't think we're supposed to fully understand the whole blood exchange thing, but we do kind of get hints as to how it happened. Basso told her to cut on the mark on her wrist, which signifies her Nephilim heritage to Chauncey's bloodline...and Chauncey was Patch's vassal. So, it could be intertwined with all of that...either way, it was definitely a gift of Basso's for the help that Nora provided to him on his mission. Fallen Angels are cursed not to feel and all that other stuff, and since Basso is an Archangel he might have just given Patch and Nora a way for Patch to feel matter how it happened with the finer details, I liked that Becca Fitzpatrick did it that way. Nora was always kind of sad that Patch could never feel the way that she felt when they were kissing or anything. Plus, maybe their whole bond thing was kind of like someone swearing maybe they'll get to live together forever. :)

    Also...I never thought the writing was all that different from the previous books, so I'm not really sure what to say about why you didn't like the way that this one was written. I will say about your comment about short sentences....short sentences aren't a bad thing, Leanne. You don't want to have all long sentences. Mixing up the length of your sentences adds variety, and it keeps your readers from getting frustrated and bored of reading only long ones. If it's all short sentences, yes that's not very good, but with a mixture of long sentences, it isn't bad at all. Just a comment that I thought I should make. ;) It comes in handy to remember sentence variety once you start having to write lots of papers. :P

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Leanne, and we'll have to discuss it in person next time we see each other. :)

  2. Maybe if I went back and read the other books, then I'd pick up on the hints. It's actually been a whole year since Silence, so I guess that could be a problem.

    That could be true too, except for the fact that even when he told her that he loved her and everything, and even as she trusted her, she just kept blaming everything on Dabria. I mean, I don't like Dabria, but I just didn't like the way she put everything on her. I guess it was just because of the path her mind was on.

    Yea, I get where you're going with it. Becca might have wanted us to just pick things up along the way and kind of figure out how it worked, but it freaking confused me when I read it!

    I think that when I took notice of the writing style, it was the short sentences I took notice to as well. I just found that there weren't many different lengths when I started noticing the writing style, especially when they started talking. They talked in such short bursts.

    Yep, looking forward to that. I like letting people convince me that the book was better than I thought it was. Keep doing that, haha.

  3. I was thinking that, too. There was a pretty big gap between the first book and Finale. :P So, who knows maybe you would've appreciated it more if you'd read the other books again. I think I might've because you'd remember things. Plus, I love how much your view of Patch changes from Hush, Hush onwards...he seems so different.

    I understood that. She trusted Patch...she just didn't trust Dabria, and frankly, I don't blame her, especially when she pretty much did exactly what Nora worried she would do. And she's definitely right that Dabria still loves Patch, even if Patch thinks she's wrong about that. Also, you have to factor in all the devilcraft Nora was doing, that was totally affecting her emotions and everything. a woman I totally understood why Nora was so set against Dabria. First, she's tried to kill her in the past, and second, she's still not over Patch and although she wasn't making it obvious to Patch that she still wanted him, Nora picked up on it pretty easily. It's not hard to tell when someone else wants your boyfriend, and even if you trust him, you don't exactly want that girl around him. :P I think the fact that Nora was struggling with so much self-doubt in this one really played into her whole hate against Dabria thing, too. Usually, if you're doubting yourself in one aspect (for Nora, with her army), then you're likely to doubt yourself in other aspects of your life (i.e., your love life :P).

    I wasn't really confused in this one. I tend to stop reading every once in a while and try to scheme things out though. It helps me figure things out before they happen. ;) haha I always feel very good when I get it right. haha

    Well, I think dialogue is usually shorter sentences anyway. Most people don't speak in paragraph length sentences. Also, this is the fourth book, so most of their dialogue wasn't really the long, getting-to-know-you type sentences. And if they'd spoken in longer sentences, rather than short ones with some paraphrasing outside of dialogues, the story would get SOOOOO repetitive. Most of the time I noticed shorter sentences when Nora would tell Patch something that we just learned with, if she told him in long sentences we'd be all "Uh huh....we get it, we just found that out too" :P You'll have to point out some of the shorter ones to me some time, then we can take a closer look. :P Now I'm going to be looking in other books I read to see if they do it too. haha

    I do, too. I just enjoy getting to see other people's sides of view, or in some cases, trying to help them see why a character might've done something. :) I'll keep trying. ;) haha

  4. ps. I feel like I'm writing a novel in your comments sometimes. :P haha

  5. Patch definitely changes! He's matured a lot since the first book even though it's only been a year! If I ever find the time to re-read the series, I just might because I seriously LOVED the first two books. So maybe if I read them all at once, then my perception of Finale might be different.

    The devilcraft was doing weird things to Nora ): It seemed like she was on her period the whole time.

    Hmm.. maybe I rushed through it?! LOL, who knows. I actually do that sometimes, scheme things out, because when I'm right it's a pretty awesome feeling! :D

    You have a seriously good point right there, people don't speak in paragraphs (except maybe us when we're commenting on each other's blogs... haha) I flipped to a random page and saw short sentences, but it was appropriate because I think Becca Fitzpatrick was trying to create a certain tension. (This is the scene where they're trying to catch Blakely) Throughout reading though, there were some parts that I felt like could have been a sentence together instead of split apart because it sounded choppy. I actually like variety of sentences because it kind of pulls me in. I just have a weird way of reading, a lot of people don't pause during commas or periods, but I always do. Maybe it just sounds sort of choppy in my head? I HAVE NO IDEA.

    You're doing a pretty darn good job at helping me!

  6. I really liked Silence, too, and I think rereading the series would probably change a lot. We'd actually remember everything. :P haha

    haha oh poor Nora! Perpetually on the rag. :P

    You could've. I know I read through it pretty fast too. lol It really is an awesome feeling! :) It's especially nice when you're right. ;)

    Awe, I'm glad you think my point was good. :) haha so true! It could be that. Yup, there are definitely certain situations where it fits, and I agree, I like it when there is more sentence variety. It might be that you're taking breaks when you read, or maybe you did find a spot where it was awkward and then all the rest felt like they were off, too. Eventually when both of us get the chance to reread the series we'll have to pay attention to it. :)

    Yay! :D I'm glad that I could help. :D

  7. I fell in love with the hush hush saga from book one and this was a perfect ending to the saga . it tied up loose ends from book one! it left all the unanswered questions answered and wrapped up in a nice little bow. the ending was so amazingly beautiful i cried for a good five minutes! i didn't think it was possible but i fell more in love
    with patch!

    Maycee (Divorce Attorney Irvine)


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