October 07, 2012

[Sunday Update] October!!

Hello blog readers/followers! This post is solely for you and guides you to the events of the previous week.


Books Borrowed (from my friend Taya)


Wow, I can't believe it's already October! I was going to start an "October Photo Challenge" but I only found out about it on Friday. This is basically inspiration to take pictures, I might not do some of them, for instance: Jeans, I don't own them. Magazines, don't own those either. I going to cheat a bit by posting a few old photos, because I hate taking pictures of myself.

Anyways, to all the Canadians out there, Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. You don't own jeans? That just seems strange to me!

    YAY for borrowing Gayle Forman's books!! They're very good. :)

    Have a good week -- and good luck with the photo challenge!

    1. HAHA, nope!! I don't like them. Closest I ever got was jeggings!

      I know, I've just started a few days ago, and then I started watching things on Netflix... It's really good!

      Thanks Kristilyn!

  2. You could always take a picture of someone else's jeans...or jeans in a store? Same with magazines - they're everywhere!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. If I stay is a great series!you'll love it :)
    have a great thanksgiving :)

  4. I've finished the first book, reading the second now. It is AWESOME!!!

  5. Oh right, thanks Brie!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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