October 19, 2012

Review: Virals by Kathy Reichs

Virals by Kathy Reichs

Author: Twitter | Website | Goodreads

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 448
Series: Virals #1
Publisher: Razorbill
Published: November 2, 2010
Source: Indigo


This was a bit of a let down to me, I wasn't a blogger when the hype for this book was around, I honestly never heard about it until I saw it in the book store. I thought the concept was intriguing: Tory and her friends had been infected by canine parvovirus, and are kind of a cross between wolves and humans. I REALLY wanted to like this one, so let me start with the good things.

I really loved the character development in here. Each one of Tory's friends had a special character that defined them as sarcastic or maybe the one who's easily scared. Also, Tory and her friends were all nerdy and scientific, which I though was cool because a lot of times in books, you just get paranormal knowledge, not actual scientific logic. On the contrary, some characters were major stereotypes, which I'm not exactly a fan of. At her school, Bolton Academy, "everyone hated them and every girl there was a bitch" to Tory and Co. because they were from an island and only got into the school because their parents worked at a certain place.

One more thing that I liked was that the romance just kind of flowed with the story, and was actually quite important. No, it's not that mushy, gushy I love you fivever stuff, just small flirting and things like that.

Okay, so on with what I dreaded. The plot. Oh lord, the plot. Certainly not the best one. How shall I elaborate this? It's like jogging on a sidewalk and though there are cracks, you trip but don't fall. And then out of nowhere materializes a light post that you run face first into but it doesn't even hurt. I mean, that's how it felt to me. (YES I KNOW, I really have to work on these analogies)

Nothing really happened, it felt like a really flat plot to me and even though there were moments of excitement, they hardly lasted until the end where things just SUDDENLY builds up and hit me in the face. And even THEN, even when I hadn't seen it coming at all, it wasn't a WTF moment, I just accepted what happened, but usually I stop and read it over again, thinking I'd read it wrong. It just wasn't that great!

I liked the concept of Virals, but it isn't a book I'd like to read over and over, or a book that would make me want to read the sequel either. I was hoping to put this on my shelf of "books I really liked", guess not.

Favourite Quote

"Why do all your brilliant ideas involve felonies?"


  1. That sucks that this was a let down! I have this book, too .... might put it on the back burner for a while.

    Thanks for sharing, Leanne!

  2. Too bad this one wasn't for you. I hate stereotypes, even secondary characters should have more depth than that. But at least there were a few things you liked!

  3. I know!! I mean, if stereotypes are portrayed humorously it's okay with me, but when they're just complete stereotypes, it kind of pisses me off.

  4. Maybe you'll like it more than I did, who knows?! :D


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