October 26, 2012

Review: Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto

Heaven by Alexandra Adornetto

Author: Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 417
Series: Halo #3
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Publisher: August 21, 2012
Source: School Library


(There will be spoilers, but you'll be warned with this SPOILERS AHEAD)

I really want to clear everything up before I write this dreadful review. I really do. First of all, I loved the first two books in the series, LOVED them. I fell in love with the characters and their situation. Second of all, it was one of those books that involved Christianity, which I'm usually not a fan of, but it was subtle enough that I didn't mind. Third of all, this was probably one of my highest anticipated reads since I read the first two books. Fourth of all, maybe my taste in books changed because I started reading different books that dealt with real life problems. Maybe that's why... I didn't like this book.

I'll start with what I DID like about Heaven though, because there were a few things I enjoyed. The overall story of the series was great, and of the book.. it was okay. Again, they're fighting to be together and the odds are always just stacked against them. You can really see how much they love each other, and the extent they'd go for each other.

Another thing I liked was some of the new characters and new relationships, but I wish we could have gotten to know them a little better. Okay, that's all I could come up with.

On the note of characters, I hated Beth in this book. She was fine in the first two, and awesome female character, possibly my favourite. This time around though, the only "main-ish" characters I liked were Gabriel, Ivy, and Xavier. I'll quote everything that Beth did to annoy me later on, but she was acting like a fucking two year old. All I could think about throughout the book was how annoying she was, and how immature she was. I'll even include a list of what she did to annoy me:

1. Already mentioned, she acted like a child
2. She was so dependent on Gabriel and Ivy, always waiting for them to clean up her messes
3. She goes out of her way to do exactly what people told her NOT to do. (AKA: SHE GOES OUT OF HER WAY TO MESS THINGS UP)
4. This was her pretty much throughout the whole book:


And then on the relationships, Gabriel and Molly. Some unspeakable spoiler happened to Gabriel and he temporarily changed, they kissed (OH BIG SURPRISE), then we don't ever hear from it again. SPOILERS AHEAD: And also, at the end, Ivy is in the house alone and then we don't even know how the hell she gets out. One more thing was when Xavier and Beth finally went back to his parents, we never found out how the felt about everything. SPOILERS ENDED. Alexandra Adornetto just didn't dive deep enough into the story, it felt as if she just skimmed the surface. I really wanted to know more.

I guess the plot was okay, but it certainly wasn't the best. The whole time I could only think of how Xavier could do so much better. And also, even though the religion was subtle in the first two books, in this one, it was so overdone that it was getting on my nerves. The book was too predictable for my liking, I could sort of just guess everything and nothing threw me off.

Favourite Annoying Quotes 

Xavier being asked to a dance...

Xavier: What was I supposed to say?
Beth: How about no thanks?
Xavier: It's not that easy, it's pretty rude to turn down an invitation for no reason.
Beth: It's pretty rude to ask out a guy who's married.
Xavier: That's hardly fair. She doesn't know -
Beth: Whatever. I don't like her.

Cliche moment: 
"If he dies, I die."


  1. That's too bad this book didn't live up to your expectations! I hate it when a character seems to take a major turn in a book, especially when I fall in love with them in previous books!

  2. I was clinging onto the hope that it would take a turn for the better, but it just seemed to go downhill ):


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