October 27, 2012

Random Thoughts...

I'm sorry, but you guys are going to have to deal with me having random thoughts at 12 AM and needing a place to rant about it. My thoughts probably won't be organized as well as they usually are, I'm just putting out what I can think of, haha.

I posted my review of Heaven yesterday, if you've read it, you would know that I loved the first two books of the series, but hated Heaven, the last one. And then just now, Rola from xo'reads was tweeting about Finale, the final book of the Hush Hush Saga. She said the plot was good, however, the characters were annoying.

That is how I came to this post, about how I start of a series, and it's great... but when I finally get the book after waiting for like, a year, it disappoints me.

Now, I haven't read Finale yet, it's still being shipped from Ontario, so I'm still waiting for it. But Rola tweeted this picture of Nora saying "Oh, Patch" and then some weird thing were she "flung herself onto him", which I totally just rolled my eyes and gagged at. To which Rola said: "Was the writing always this bad?"

I proceeded to tell my other friend about this because she loves this series as well. If you guys have heard of the short story The Most Dangerous Game, there's a movie and it has horrible acting. Can't really blame anyone because it's an old movie and "good acting" was different from what it is now. Anyways, there was a female lead who said "You killed him!" in a high pitch dramatic voice. That's what my friend said it sounded like in her head when Nora said "Oh, Patch."

Don't worry, I'll make this short. I have a few reasons as to why I think I didn't like Heaven, and why I may not like Finale as well (which is really sad):

1. I've moved on from that YA Paranormal insta-love creepy stalking that is mistaken for romance type of books. (There's more, but it'd take to long to name)

2. The writing really IS getting worse. No, I am NOT trying to bash authors or anything, but maybe, just MAYBE, the writing changed.

3. (Also the most likely one) Many YA books are the same and I'm getting bored of the "star-crossed lovers"

Notice that I'm speaking for myself, I'm not sure about you, but I'd love to hear your thoughts anyways. This should be a regular feature: "Leanne's Random Thoughts... at 12 AM".. I really do think of the weirdest things.

More randomness: my brother is currently gaming and is screaming like a girl. And swearing. A lot.



  1. Yeah, I so know what you mean. I feel like it's a combination of those reasons that you listed. It tends to happen to me with both paranormal and dystopian series because I feel like it's those ones that most often fall prey to being repetitive and the sounding all the same.

  2. The whole genre just blew up and everyone was tearing through those books, but after a while, it just feels as if I read the whole thing before but with different names.

  3. Leanne, I want to high five you so FRICKIN' hard right now.


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