September 30, 2012

Sunday Update: Slow Week...

The Sunday Update  is posted every.. Sunday.. of course, to link up posts from the previous week, and also to give a sort of heads up on what to expect.


Books Borrowed


Hey look, I haven't been buying books for a couple weeks now! That's mainly because I haven't exactly been out of the house. Anyways, I finished The Hobbit yesterday and have scheduled the review for tomorrow. 

I'm hoping to finish Pandemonium this week, and get started on If I Stay. I've got the next two weeks of reading planned out. 

Also, guess what? I'm finally caught up on my 2012 Reading Challenge!! Finals and piano exams dragged me down during April, May, and June. But I'm finally up to date.

P.S. Has anyone noticed these posts are getting shorter because I'm not buying books? Haha, I'm planning to get a few in October because I'm pre-ordering Finale, the last book of the Hush, Hush saga. Any suggestions of what books I should get?


  1. Good for you catching up with your goals for reading! And for not buying any books. I've gone nuts on the freebies, so my post will look ridiculous this week, BUT I only BOUGHT 2 books, so I think that's progress.

    Have a good week! Hope you enjoyed Pandemonium!

    1. I think that's awesome!! You're still saving money right? :D

      Thanks, Kristilyn!! I'm almost finished, it's SO good!! Lauren Oliver is godly.


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