August 19, 2012

[Sunday Update] Sunshine Blogger Awards!

Every Sunday, an update is posted to let you know what reviews went up that week, what books I got, and what I'm reading. It also gives a heads-up to what you should probably expect during the week..


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Hello everybody!! I can't believe summer is almost over, I'll be heading back to school soon so the activity on here might slow down a bit. I'm so excited though because my school librarian asked me to go help out before school started.. it should be sometime this week. I'll get to tell her about all the new books that came out, and the books that I read and loved, all sorts of things!!

I have to do a bit of homework and studying with piano-related stuff because I was procrastinating (reading) the whole summer. It's going to be a slow week but I really can't wait for The Rise of Nine!!

I hope everyone has a great week!! Happy reading!!


  1. I'm happy that you get to help the school librarian! That will be fun. :)

    I hope you're liking You Don't Want To Know ... I thought it was a good read!

    1. I know!! I remember first joining Library Club and being all self conscious about what other people think. I've gotten over that now. (:

      It was a bit slow to start with, but the more I read, the more interesting it gets!


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