August 26, 2012

[Sunday Update] Respect and helping out!

Sorry for posting this a bit later in the day, I was sleeping over at my cousins and forgot to type up and schedule a post. But anyways, here it is :D


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Hello everyone!! (: I hope you all had a great week. The biggest thing that happened this week was probably my Learn to RESPECT post. If you haven't seen it yet, the link is up there. I also went to my school on Friday to help out my librarian. She got new shelves that are just GORGEOUS!! I'm also going to be helping her tomorrow as well. Have an awesome week, and happy reading!


  1. Have fun helping out at your school! I volunteer at a school library in my home town and love it! :)

    And yay for Delirium!! Have you read it yet? It's AWESOME!

    1. I'm getting to it soon! I'm not sure which books to read right now, I have too many.


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