August 08, 2012

[Review] Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen

Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen

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Hardcover: 389 Pages
Publisher: HARPER
Published: October 12, 2010
Series: Bright Young Things #1
Source: Purchased from Indigo


I picked up this book because I wanted something different to read. Bright Young Things is about socialites in New York during 1929. It was interesting because everything actually seemed really 1929. The way the socialites talked sounded very exaggerated in my head. Like when they said "darling", in my head, it would be daaaarling. I don't know why. 

Anyways, I really liked this book because so many things would happen that I didn't expect. Sometimes I would make a guess and be proved SO wrong. I also liked how all three girls stories were just weaved into one another's. Sometimes, two of them would be in the same place without even knowing it, or if they knew, we would get two sides of the story which was really interesting.

Another thing that was quite interesting was living in a "wealthy" world. After finding her father, Cordelia was wealthy and had pretty much everything she wanted. She lived in a big house and had gorgeous clothing, and I just really enjoyed living in her world of luxury.

Anna Godbersen also used a lot of descriptive texts that I really enjoyed. They produced a very vivid image in my mind such as...

''...her eyes - which were the sweet, translucent brown of Coca-Cola in a glass..''

However, I didn't connect with the characters very well. I just sort of felt as if we didn't get to know them. Cordelia and Letty were both from Ohio, Cordelia was trying to find her father and Letty was trying to make her way into the world of acting. Astrid in a way was rich because her mother had married a wealthy man. I just couldn't find much of a way to relate to any of them, but they were quite likeable characters.

Also, even though I loved the forbidden romance between Cordelia and Thom, I really didn't understand why they were "in love" with each other. It's just like all those other "insta-love" books, which I am now quite critical about. If there isn't a really good reason as to why they love each other after instantly falling in love, I sort of feel like I'm left hanging.

If you want a something light to read with a little romance, then you can be sure to pick up this book. There wasn't as much drama as I expected, but the ending still made me want to pick up the second book.

Favourite Quote/Passage

"...seemed to Astrid that they were just like a family of hobos, except with a much nicer house."


  1. "...daaaaarling..."

    Haha! That's so funny. I completely know what you mean.

    I still can't believe you're 14. Stop being so good at this. You're making the rest of us adults look bad.


    1. I'm actually turning 14 in September!! LOL, Everyone's blog is great in different ways, I always thought your blogs were better so that compliment meant a lot. Thanks, Rick !! :D

  2. Ha ha ... I'm just laughing at Rick's comment. :)

    Awesome review, Leanne! I picked this one up, too, a few weeks ago and loved the fact that it was set in the 1920's. It seems that so many books are either dystopians or set before the 1900's, that it's refreshing to pick something up that's based in the last hundred years.

    I'm interested to read it ... sounds like the romance wasn't done too well. I hate it when the romance just happens with no rhyme or reason.

    Still, sounds like a nice, light read!

    1. I know !! I just saw it and I started laughing.

      I love romantic books, but I hate it when there really is nothing to like about the guy. He was handsome, and he was sort of romantic, but I couldn't find much to like about him either. I think you would like this book though, there's a bit of everything in it.


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