August 21, 2012

[ARC Review] You Don't Want To Know by Lisa Jackson

You Don't Want To Know by Lisa Jackson

ARC: 472 Pages (Published Version is 416 pages)
Publisher: Kensington
Published: August 7, 2012
Source: Kristilyn from Reading in Winter (Thanks!)


My mind was blown so many times reading this book. Almost every time I made a prediction I was hit in the face with something I didn't expect at all! It was just so crazy. I loved the mystery, and just how unpredictable the book was. When Ava was nervous, the words that were running through her head made me anxious as well. You Don't Want To Know was slow to start with and it took me a few days before I really got into it, but once I did, I was eager to see the mystery unfold.

I was really drawn in my Ava's messed up family. I was so confused as to who was related to who, who was whose ex-brother-in-law, or ex-uncle and everything. It just seemed like everyone's lives were somehow weaved into one another's and it was just crazy but interesting! It irritated me how her family thought Ava was off her rockers when they were actually quite crazy themselves. Jewel-Anne with her dolls and Elvis music(shiver).

Something I had a problem with was the insta-love. I just have a problem with people falling in love within seconds. Eventually, though, I did end up approving (If I have any say) of the relationship. And also the way that some words and phrases were repeated so many times. Such as "damned", I swear that it was used at least 50 times. However, considering that this was an ARC, I'll let that pass. There were also times where I thought the cursing and swearing was totally unnecessary.

Overall, You Don't Want To Know, was one helluva mystery novel. Prepare for your mind to be seriously blown.


"She might come unglued and go all ape-sh** on him."

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  1. Great review, Leanne! I'm glad you liked it. :) And yes, Jewel-Anne was seriously creepy!!! I don't know how Ava put up with all of her crazy family in that house ...

    1. It's probably one of the major reasons that I don't want to live in a big house, it's creepy. Especially when you have a family that's bonkers.


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