June 05, 2012

[Review] The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

Paperback: 180 Pages

I read this book for a novel study for school, and I actually had people telling me it wasn't a good book. Surprisingly, I got into it really quickly, even though I don't really like gangs and things like that. Everything about the book was just a lesson I guess, and of how people really are sometimes. Tough on the outside, soft on the outside.

This book also showed that no matter how tough people are, they always have a breaking point. Whether it's involving ones you love, or something else, everyone will always have a breaking point. The Outsiders also teach about love in a way, that it can grow no matter what. And sometimes, people do things because they love and care about you, even though it doesn't seem like it. Darry always bugged Ponyboy because he wanted him to have the chance to get into college, unlike him. I'm so glad they finally made up, and realized that they're all that's left of each other.

All the violence was okay for me, it wasn't on a level that it was overwhelming, but just right. I found it sick how accurate this could be, maybe back then, and possibly even now. All this rivalry because of different social classes, Greasers and Socs. It's similar to modern society as well, and instead of gang rivalry, it's bullying.

There was such a shift in characters, especially Darry and Johnny. I hadn't expected such a change, but it wasn't a bad change either. Darry finally treats Ponyboy better, and also finally shows that he really cares about Ponyboy as well. Johnny was different. He started out as a kid who shrunk up, and flinched at every shadow, but he turned into someone who stood up to Dallas.

*This won't be a normal review, this is all I wanted to say*

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