May 27, 2012

Sunday Update #3

Every Sunday I will be updating on things that happened the past week. Such as reviews and news, or posts.


No reviews. Sorry ):

Books this week:


- Supernaturally by Kiersten White (Paranormalcy #2)


Tuesday To Reads #2

Favourite Book Blogs


I don't have a post for this one, because I'm just going to post it here, but I'm going to be busy for the next few weeks. And I might only get one review up. As you can see, I didn't do any the past week, but that was because I couldn't get through the book quick enough and also because I was bummed out from my marks at school. Anyways, I have finals soon, so that's the reason I'm not going to be posting much reviews. 

I wish I could do a few book hauls because:

1. I love having books, it gives me pride to see them on my shelf
2. I'll have much more reviews coming for you guys

But unfortunately, I can't because:

1. I'm 13, don't have a job and my mom will not just let me buy a lot of books at once.
2. I can't possibly finish that many when I have to study for finals

Maybe in the summer, I'll get a job... and I can read more anyways. I've also been planning to start watching Doctor Who again, because I've been blowing it off for months now... heh. That's it for this week, sorry, there's not much. 

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