May 19, 2012

Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Hardcover: 525 Pages
Publisher: HarperTEEN
Published: May 1, 2012
Series: Divergent #2
Source: Bought



Insurgent picks up right after Divergent ended, and then right after, they leave Amity. Four, Tris, Caleb, and Susan go to the factionless, who are all grouped together like a faction themselves. Here, we are introduced to Four's mom, Evelyn, who didn't die but just left Four and his dad. At first, I didn't like her, but she became sort of nice. However, I'm still not sure if we can trust her or not. Afterwards, Four and Tris join the loyal Dauntless in Candor, and Caleb and Susan go to where most Abnegation are. And then, Caleb turns into a bastard.

I think Tris would've had to come clean about killing Will sooner or later, however, it probably left Four feeling even worse, that she didn't tell him earlier. I would like to stand up for Tris however, that telling someone you killed your best friend isn't the best idea. Their relationship is a bit on edge, because both of them are keeping secrets from another, and don't seem to be trusting one another.

One thing missing would be the romance between Tris and Four, I'm really missing it. They're both dealing with their own problems, as well as problems between them as well. Four just doesn't want to lose Tris, because she keeps doing reckless things like she's supposed to do just because she chose Dauntless. But Four is reminding her that she's Divergent, and doesn't have to try and get herself killed all the time. I want to point out that Tris is being kind of.. annoying in a way. It's like she's ignorant to the fact that Tobias loves her so much and just doesn't want to see her die. I also don't like how she keeps lying to him, she says "I love you", but why would you still lie to him about so many things ?

Quite a few people die, but only a few are friends with Tris and Four. So, no worries, and the character wasn't a BIG DEAL, but I still miss her. Tris is still dealing with the deaths of her parents, and also being the one to kill Will.

We pretty much work all the way up to whatever the hell Marcus was keeping to himself, and what Tris's parents died for, and it does tell us. At the end, it tells you how the city came to be, and vaguely what's outside. Also, just wanted to put it out there, I am absolutely team Divergent.

Favourite Quote:
"Heard a rumor you were a dirty traitor."
                                                  - Uriah

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